Join the Project

Phase Two

Spring 2017

After a very successful first phase last year, Behind The Bear’s Cage is kicking it into high gear for the coming 2017 storm season, and I’m once again looking for volunteers throughout the United States.

Like last year, I plan to join chasers on chase days to photograph their process.  My goal is to amass a list of those interested, and contact them whenever the conditions look right.  Unlike last year, I am not limited by a specific timeframe.  I will be making trips out whenever I have time available, and hope to hang around for as long as my funding will allow.  As a result, I would love to connect with storm chasers based throughout the entirety of Tornado Alley, and not just the Oklahoma City metro.

A basic chase day with me starts with me arriving at your base before departing for the target area (I will gladly chip in for gas).  I’m interested in observing how technology has changed storm chasing the last few years, with extra interest in the use of drones and 360º video to generate content.

The amount of chasing experience you have doesn’t matter, because that’s what makes this hobby so interesting.

If you’re interested in talking more, send me an e-mail at and we can chat!