About Conor

11886157_1000338481623_7086875907975475130_oHi!  My name is Conor.  I’m a Philadelphia-based music photographer who has recently dabbled in portraits and travel photography.  I started taking photographs at age 12, with a Pentax ZX-7 film SLR, and I was trained in my high school photography courses from 2003-2005.  For everything else, I’m self-taught.  To see some of my recent work, check out my portfolio and my 500px page, and for my iPhone photography, here’s my VSCOGrid.

This is the part where I try my best to convince you to let a stranger into you car while you chase a storm.  My attitude is very much “go-with-the-flow,” and I am able to quickly adapt to changing surroundings.  On a chase, we’ll be in the car together for a while, so I’ll be as active or passive as you’d like.  I’m coming into your world, and I want to respect that.  For the most part, I will stick to my role as observer, but if a crisis arises and you need an extra hand, I am more than willing to offer my help.

Feel free to connect with me on Facebook, if you’re still not totally convinced.

I will be traveling light: a small camera backpack and a film camera are all that will be with me on chases.  If you have an extra seat in your vehicle, that is all the space I will need. 

Any other questions, feel free to e-mail me!