Clearly, I’ve always had trouble integrating this blog with the whole of the project.  It’s taken a bit of brainstorming, but I think I’m beginning to find my groove.

Much like the bonus content found on your favorite Blu-Ray or DVD, I will be using Behind The Bear’s Cage: The Blog, to provide a more in-depth look at the storm chasing community aside from the copy I’ve been writing for a future book.  Starting small, I will be introducing a series called “Storm Chaser Profiles,” introducing some of the people I’ve featured in the photos posted on Instagram and Exposure.

My personal life has unfortunately once again moved to the front burner, and I’ve had to step away from the project for a majority of the summer while I deal with some issues.  Whenever new content is given a timeline, is usually when something goes awry for me personally, so I can tell everyone to expect the first profile on Jason Caster to appear in the near future!

I just ask everyone to just send some good vibes, prayers, thoughts my way and hopefully this series of unfortunate events will turn around sooner than later.  Thanks for your continued support!

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