ICYMI: Interview with Tornado Talk

Part 2 is underway!  I’m typing this from a motel room in Jackson, TN––I took the “long way” to buy time while Thursday’s severe weather forecast was finalized.  Initially headed to the Dallas area, this morning’s forecast has changed my destination to Oklahoma City.

Last week, I spoke with Tornado Talk co-host and meteorologist Jennifer Narramore about my background as a photographer, the origins of Behind The Bear’s Cage, and what to expect from the project in the future.  The interview is now live on the podcast’s website!

If you haven’t yet listened to Tornado Talk, you should do so right now?  The podcast, narrated by Jen and her co-host Dan Holiday, is an excellent source of tornado information.  Tornado Talk chronicles historic tornado events, with interviews from survivors, meteorologists, and witnesses, in addition to covering the hot-button tornado-related issues of today.  Actually, the topics discussed on Tornado Talk have helped to shape Behind The Bear’s Cage into what it is today.  Check out the interview, give the podcast a listen, and subscribe!

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