I watched Brandon Goforth eat two meals in one day at Subway.  First, a Subway sandwich for lunch at the Cherokee Travel Plaza in Clinton, OK; later, a Subway flatbread pizza for dinner in Dodge City, KS.  It was my first day chasing with the Titans, but I was already picking up on a trend.

“You guys should really get Subway to sponsor you,” I joked.

The idea didn’t seem remotely odd to Goforth, because he and Chris Sanner do eat a lot of Subway, with good reason.

For one, Subway is fast food, and fast food is quick.  With the atmosphere changing rapidly during tornado season, sitting down and eating a full meal could come at the expense of their target.  They need to grab grub, get back into the car and eat on the road.

On the Southern Plains–a place where, in some areas, cows outnumber human beings–there isn’t much variety as far as fast food joints are concerned.

“It’s always either Taco Bell, Arby’s or Subway in a lot of these places,” Goforth explained.  “Subway is usually the one that won’t make you sick.”

Brandon Goforth (R) “ate fresh” for lunch, before chasing in the Texas Panhandle on May 22, 2016.

One of the “healthier” fast food chains in the United States, Subway offers many lower-calorie options.  Nothing is deep fried, which eliminates that heavy, greasy feeling you may get after consuming a large order of french fries.  Plus, Subway employees prepare the food in view of the customer, allowing any customizations you desire.

For chasers, tornado season as being a bit like the winter holiday season.  They sit in a car for most of the spring, so picking low-calorie meal options means less maintenance once summer rolls around.

Which is good, because they’re probably sick of Subway by that point.

Note: This is NOT an ad for Subway.  Scout’s honor.

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