1 Week from Launch: 20 Years of “Twister”

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of Twister‘s release, and social media made it known.  Twister is the earliest film I vividly remember seeing in the movie theater.  I was an eight year old weather fanatic, a child in a packed auditorium completely glued to my seat, enjoying the film so much that my father had to remind me I was in public, so everyone could hear me when I decided to scream, “OH WOW!”  To this day, the film is still one of my all-time favorites.

Twister is filled with factual errors and historical inaccuracies and the CGI tornadoes aren’t very believable by today’s standards, but there’s something about this film that I can’t express in words which allows me to never tire of it.  My initial plan was to write an entire post about what horrible caricatures the storm chasers in Twister are, and how Behind The Bear’s Cage is going to change any preconceived notions you may have about storm chasers based on what you’ve seen from in film.  That would have been dishonest, because I really do love the film.  Plus I felt I was insulting an old friend, as odd as that sounds.

I snooped around Twitter and Facebook a bit more for nostalgic purposes.  That’s when I realized how much of an influence Twister has had on the current generation of meteorologists.  This film, with all of its flaws and errors, actually inspired some of the kids growing up in the 90s to pursue a career in meteorology.

KFOR‘s Emily Sutton‘s post was my favorite; Twister had such an influence on her that Bill Paxton recorded a congratulatory message for her wedding

Two days ago, tornadoes ravaged Wynnewood & Katie, Oklahoma; yesterday storms roared across Kentucky.  Jo and Bill Harding are not chasing these storms, I think everyone knows that, but Twister is responsible for cultivating at least a portion of this generation of meteorologists.  Some of these Twister-inspired meteorologists warned folks of approaching danger this week.  So instead of pointing out what Twister got wrong, I’m celebrating; even though I’m still bitter the movie wasn’t converted to 3D and re-released in IMAX.

Behind the Bear’s Cage launches one week from today!

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