What do you mean, “The Bear’s Cage?”

This is not a blog about bears.

I am incredibly sorry to disappoint anyone who came here looking for information about bears.  Before you go, there is a question about bears I would like to ask you.  Would you ever want to find yourself locked in a cage, only to find yourself face-to-face with a Grizzly Bear?  Nope, danger ahead.  Bears are unpredictable killing machines and they are very hard to read.

To put it simply, in the world of meteorology, the term “Bear’s Cage” (sometimes referred to as “The Bear Cage”) is used to refer to a curtain of heavy precipitation within a thunderstorm wrapping around the rotating updraft.  This is the cage.  Inside this cage, visibility is low, and the hungry Grizzly is the tornado.  This analogy is spot-on because once you see the bear (the tornado), it could be too late.

Of course, this is only a working title.  It may change.  Until then, have a look around.

Also, here is one of my favorite bear videos (which also does a good job of explaining this analogy, if you think of the bear as a tornado.


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